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RS Hunter provides the expert services and resources needed to ensure your recruitment efforts pay off. Our focus is to ensure you avoid costly recruitment mistakes while achieving a blended workforce of highly skilled personnel. The quality of your recruitment process and the performance of your business go hand in hand, after all the people you bring in will represent your brand.

We are not just another HR recruitment agency. We offer our clients a unique experience when working with our recruitment team. By building a relationship with you, we are able to better understand your business objectives which enables us provide the right people for each role we fill. Depending on your preference, we can either start by assisting you in developing a clear recruitment process that allows you keep control of cost and quality, or be limited to the responsibility of advertising the role and selecting the right person. Our selection process takes into consideration culture fit, team dynamics and the suitability of the suggested candidate for the role both in terms of their skills and personality. Should you require it; we will provide screening services which include professional and educational background checks.

Whether you are a large organisation looking to fill temporary or permanent positions or an SME that is not set up to carry out your own recruitment, as a client, you will benefit from our extensive database of graduates and specialists in various sectors. Our recruitment specialists also maintain a strong network which enables them headhunt and seek referrals where necessary.

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