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Since inception, RS Hunter has sought to form mutually beneficial strategic alliances with companies of similar values. Our desire to offer our clients innovative and best practice solutions while expanding our business within the region and across the globe has resulted in the formation of partnerships that not only build in-house capacity but ensure local talent is being developed in the process.

Our strategic alliances are structured to give us access to the following:

  1. Knowledge, technology and expertise
  2. Our target markets
  3. Larger projects that benefit from collaboration (Greater success)

In 2015, RS Hunter invested in a business that supports talent development and business growth.

VIPER Solutions and Resources Limited (“VIPER”) focuses on developing high performing individuals who desire to become senior business executives in their chosen industry. By partnering with top Nigerian universities as well as leading organisations operating within various sectors of the economy, each year, through its career fairs, VIPER selects suitable candidates for its intensive training programme to make them workplace ready thereby increasing the success rate of partner organisations graduate entry programmes.

In addition, VIPER’s business consulting arm assists clients with the development/redefinition of their corporate vision, core values and overall strategy, thus ensuring it is clearly defined and aligned with business objectives.

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